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The Witching Time of Night

The Salt City Genre Writers 2020 Horror Anthology

The Witching Time of NightNow available at Amazon

Award Winning

Award winning story

A man will do anything to save his daughter from death. A space-faring witch, navigating a starship, finds her true power. Two men make a deadly business arrangement. A new mother circles madness. Also: snorkel wasps. Each story is written by an active member of the Salt City Genre Writers and explores what terror they fear in unique and fascinating ways. Take the plunge through the 17 stories collected here and learn what it means to be afraid.


I belong to a couple of League of Utah Writers chapters. Each chapter is different and I'm nothing if not different. The Salt City Genre Writers is very publication focused chapter and I responded to an open call for horror stories with a marvelous little tale called A SENSE OF JUSTICE.

The inspriation for this haunting vengeful tale comes from the story of The West Memphis Three, a tragic episode of American "justice" that has finally been somewhat put to right. The story of Damien Echols particularly resonated with me. Of course my story is different but the combination of injustice and Magick was an easy gap to fill. My focus was, as the title might suggest, to paint a very sensual haunting, incorporating all the senses in an immersive setting for a satisfying climax.

A SENSE OF JUSTICE was entered into the League of Utah Writers writing contest in 2020 and won first place in its category. I got a check for it and everything!



A SENSE OF JUSTICE in The Witching Time of Night
Genre: Short Fiction
Words: 3,200
Status: Now available at Amazon