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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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Silver Quill!The Knickknack Case.

A Tony Flaner Mystery Novella

Winner of a RECOMMENDED READ for Best Novel

The Knickknack Case


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A Hot Ashtray on a Cold Day

Tony Flaner is settling into his new life as a divorcee, cluttered collector, and private detective when his mailman hooks him up with an old lady living up the street who has a houseful of clutter of her own. A knickknack has gone missing and it was an inside job. Which of her children did the dastardly deed? A tale of greed and earthworms, tchotchkes and dangling accomplices, materialism and identity. Tony cuts through the confusion while facing his own to get a solution to The Knickknack Case.

I wrote this book specificaly for the fans. Tony had a rough time starting out. Publishing issues and a long gap between books made me worried that readers would wander away, forget the crazy comic detective and maybe get eaten by bears. It happens. To thank the readers for sticking by me and my work, specifically this labor of love which are the Tony Flaner Mysteries, I wrote this novella as a gift, or at least inexpensive entry, into his world. I am still grateful and Tony is still going strong.


This humble offering was recognized by the League of Utah Writers in their Quills Published Book Contest. To place anywhere in this contest is a great honor. A minimum judges score is required for consideration and a Recommended Read is nothing to be ashamed of. I am proud of Tony for this award. Proud and validated by my peers for my efforts and work. So cool.



Genre: Detective Mystery/Comedy
Words: 21,000 (a novella)
Status: Available now from Dandelion Ink


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