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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey.

Coronam, Book 3

Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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Humanity gets another chance but will anything be different?

Destruction comes, but subtler now, in spurts, whispers and hums.

The great powers roil in internal conflict, while the prophet calls for new war. Where the enemy ends and dissatisfaction begins blurs the lines of battle. The many stir against the few, led forward by the drone of alien bees, and the words of a child on far away Tirgwenin.

The powerful know war and time is against the Family. Genocide approaches. Heroes will fall, others rise and the homes of humanity shall be remade.




OF HEROES, HOMES, AND HONEY, The Third Book of Coronam
Genre: Epic Science Fiction
Words: 120,000
Status: Available wherever books are sold
and directly from  Flame Tree Press.