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Kindred Spirits.

An Infinite Monkey Anthology


Olive Wolley Burt Award Quills Award Palette Award

Kindred SpiritsNow available at Amazon

Kindred Spirits is a collection of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction, all inspired by the idea that like souls are drawn to each other. Whether for good or for ill, kindred spirits find and haunt their own. From personal anecdotes to historical figures, from ghost stories to fantastical creatures, Kindred Spirits will leave you with a sense of wonder and the realization that none of us are ever truly alone.

With fiction and poetry by Scott Bryan, Gina G., Danielle Harward, Katrina Hayes, Amanda Hill, C.H. Lindsay, Inna Valeria Lyon, Edward Matthews, Whitney Oliver, Pat Partridge, Steve Prentice Talysa Sainz, Lori Shields, Logan Sidwell, Candace J. Thomas, Johnny Worthen, Rashelle Yeates, Daniel Yocom, Bryan Young and JE Zarnofsky.


I'm very proud of this anthology. Not only was I heavily involved in its production, from editing, securing the cover, and doing all the layout, but my story THE HAMMER CLUB finally found a home. One of the most talked about stories in the collection, it won a Silver Olive Woolley Burt award in 2022 in horror.

In 2023, Kindred Spirits won the Silver Quill for Best Anthology and also took home a Silver Palette Award for outstanding cover from The League of Utah Writers.



THE HAMMER CLUB in Kindred Spirits
Genre: Short Fiction: Horror
Words: 2,400
Status: Now available at Amazon